About me

 Colection of citations and media that somewhat define me.
I hope you can apreciate them.

Green Path - Cristopher Larkin

Lagoa de Óbidos, Óbidos, Portugal - Ana Ribeiro

"La ilustración científica es una disciplina científico-artística cuyo fin es transmitir un conocimiento. (...) El trabajo del ilustrador consiste en observar, comprender y hacer más sencillos los conceptos que el investigador o la persona que encarga la ilustración tienen en mente, eliminando ambigüedades del lenguaje o la cultura (...) Durante este proceso, el ilustrador debe crear imágenes de gran rigor científico, así como otras imágenes gráficas (iconos, diagramas, etc.), que ayuden al especialista en la materia a comunicar conceptos de manera agradable y atractiva, es decir, que motiven el aprendizaje más que la mera contemplación." - Miquel Baidal Crespo, Manual de ilustración científica

"Começo a conhecer-me. Não existo.

Sou o intervalo entre o que desejo ser e os outros me fizeram,

Ou metade desse intervalo, porque também há vida (...)" - Alberto Caeiro

"Não: não quero nada

Já disse que não quero nada.

Não me venham com conclusões!

A única conclusão é morrer." - Álvaro de Campos

"There is more to biology than rats, Drosophila, Caenorhabditis, and E. coli." - Lynn Margulis and Dorion Sagan, Acquiring Genomes: A Theory of the Origins of Species

"A liberdade é a possibilidade do isolamento. (...) Se te é impossível viver só, nasceste escravo. Podes ter todas as grandezas do espírito, todas da alma: és um escravo nobre, ou um servo inteligente: não és livre. (...)" - Bernardo Soares

"Foul tarnished, in search of the Elden Ring. Emboldened by the flame of ambition. Someone must extinguish thy flame. Let it be Margit the Fell! (...) Put these foolish ambitions to rest." - Margit, The Fell Omen

"In wilds beyond they speak your name with reverence and regret,
For none could tame our savage souls yet you the challenge met,
Under palest watch, you taught, we changed, base instincts were redeemed,
A world you gave to bug and beast as they had never dreamed." - Monomon the Teacher

"No cost too great.
No mind to think.
No will to break.
No voice to cry suffering.
Born of God and Void.
You shall seal the blinding light that plagues their dreams.
You are the Vessel.
You are the Hollow Knight." - The Pale King

Praise the Sun! - Emoting Solaire

"I can't do anymore for you without plastic surgery." - Nurse

"Every age, it seems, is tainted by the greed of men.
Rubbish, to one such as I, devoid of all worldly wants! Hmmm, I dunno, maybe it's just the way we are.
I'll stick you in my prayers. A fine dark soul, to you." - Lapp

"Oh, there you are again. Welcome to Trusty Patches Trove of Treasures. We chop prices, not limbs!" - Trusty Patches

"Oh yes... Tarnished, are we? Come to the Lands Between for the Elden Ring, hmm? Of course you have. No shame in it. Unfortunately for you, however, you are maidenless. Without guidance, without the strength of runes, and without an invitation to the Roundtable Hold...
You are fated, it seems, to die in obscurity." - White Mask Varré

Diggy Diggy Hole - Wind Rose